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On Sep 18, 2019
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Which member of the ERG has this week expressed that Brexit must be saved from ‘’kamazake’’ Europhiles who are prepared to overhaul the constitution to reverse the referendum?

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The Elysee Treaty, originally signed in 1963 to outline Franco-German relations, was renewed this week by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. But who were the original signatories?

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Which former Conservative MP has this week warned Theresa May to rule out a ‘Russian roulette’ no-deal Brexit?

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Lancashire County Council announced this week that parents taking their children on holiday would face fines of £1,000 per family member, but what do parents in the authority currently have to pay?

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Bakery chain Patisserie Valerie fell into administration on Tuesday, after investors discovered accounting fraud. Do you know how much a ‘Madame Valerie Slice’, a cake named after the chain’s founder, cost?

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On Virgin Radio on Monday, Chris Evans debuted his new breakfast show after leaving his BBC Radio 2 slot. To kick things off, Evans chose which song to start his Virgin show?

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The Oscars nominations were announced on Tuesday, but which one of these actors was NOT nominated in the best actress category?

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Which former Chelsea player has reunited with Frank Lampard at Derby County this week after signing for the Championship club?

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Serena Williams exited the Australian Open at the quarter-final stage this week, but who knocked her out of the competition?

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In how many UK towns will you find a road named after the Scottish poet Robert Burns, whose life is celebrated annually on January 25th?

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