Real-life or Borgen?

As Danes head to the polls this week, be honest: how much of your knowledge is based on Borgen? See if you can sort fact from fiction with our quiz.

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On Jun 17, 2015
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Loves a good selfie:

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Formed a centre-left coalition after the last election:

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The party in power campaigned behind the slogan: "If you come to Denmark you must work":

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This party leader is in a romantic relationship with a British man:

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After losing voters and being seen to compromise too much on core values, the green-leaning party left coalition government:

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The party in power tried to ban prostitution - or more specifically, the purchase of sex:

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This leader was pursued by questions over her and her husband's tax arrangements:

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Described as very charismatic

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The minister of justice was forced to step down, after admitting he lied to parliament

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An economics adviser to the PM was forced to step down after details of his communist past surfaced in the media

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