How Wild Is Your Imagination?

Take the test and find out!

Created by EatFoodEveryday!!
On Mar 25, 2015

How do you like this song?

What do you think of this?

How about this?

And finally, this one?

Can you imagine yourself here?

What kind of color?

What animal would you choose?

What kind of sucking candy?

Pick a song by Meghan Trainor.

What day is it today?

What is the plural word for MOOSE?

Very Wild!

Very Wild!

You have a very wild imagination! You must have lots of friends who love you and who you love right back. You daydream often and are known as the "funny one." You are great with kids and just love everyone.



Your imagination is normal. You can go crazy at some points, but others not so much. You have one small group of friends who you really like and can be sometimes weird. You are also smart.

Not As Wild As Others

Not As Wild As Others

You are not very wild with your imagination. But that is okay, a lot of people can be. You MUST try to be more imaginative, because being imaginative is fun! Come back when you feel you have a wild imagination! Hope that is soon!