Can You Read People Like An FBI Profiler?

Do you have what it takes to get under people's skin?

Tara King
Created by Tara King
On Apr 22, 2015

A policeman arrests a mugger on the spot. The mugger insists that he didn't do it. What will you deduct from that?

Look at this woman's eyes. What is the dominant emotion?

Criminals on the run will most likely kill in order to stay free.

This guy was arrested for:

A person who is lacking empathy will most likely commit murder is times of extreme duress.

You are on a date with someone who keeps blaming their ex's for past relationship fails. Is that a red flag?

"I got another promotion", said the man.
What can you deduct from that?

Finally, can you usually tell when people lie to you?

You're a natural profiler!

You're a natural profiler!

You have the natural-born talents of a profiler!
You can really connect with almost any type of person, relate to their words and exactly estimate what there next move will be.
This quality is impressive, and you should not let it go to waste!

You have the mad skills!

You have the mad skills!

You are a mad profiler!
Although you are probably in a completely different line of work, you could be hired at the FBI right now!
You can really get under people's skin in order to know what is going on in that big thought box of theirs.

You are better at extracting secrets!

You are better at extracting secrets!

Although you are not the best when it comes to profiling, you are very talented at reading people.
We think that your special set of skills could really make a difference at the CIA!
You could be a master manipulator, interrogator and spy!
So, what do you think? Are you in?