How Much Of A Rosé Geek Are You?

Consider yourself a bit of a rosé geek or just want to test your knowledge and see how much you know? Take our quiz and find out!

Created by Sypped
On Apr 14, 2017
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In What Year Is Rosé Believed To Have Originated From?

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Which Country Produces The Most Rosé Globally?

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The 4 Biggest Rosé Producers Are:

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Which One Of These Regions Is Famed For It's Rosé Production?

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Which Of The Following Is NOT A Name Given To Rosé

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Which Of The Following Bottle Shapes Is Associated With A Traditional Old School Provençal Rosé

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A Method Of Rosé Production That Involves Bleeding Off The Grape Juice After Limited Contact With The Skins Is Referred To As...

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Which Of The Following Statements Is True?

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"Blush Wine" Is An (Often Cheap, Sweet & Mass Produced) Rosé Deriving From The USA, But Which Grape Is It Typically Created From?

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Which One Of The Following Grapes Could Never Be Used To Produce A 100% Single Variety Rosé?

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