Choosing the Right Hardwood Logs

Shaun Talent
Created by Shaun Talent
On Apr 6, 2018
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When fall comes, it become the official time for cleaning out your fireplace and checking the chimney. This is also the right time for setting up your firewood pile. Here are a few tips for picking the right firewood for sale near me and preparing the firewood.

Consider dryness of the firewood Sydney

The rule of thumb is that the drier the firewood, the better. Wood usually consists of some small tubes delivering water from the trunk’s roots into the branches and trunk of trees. The tubes will retain water for many months after the wood has been cut.  If you find cheap firewood Sydney, consider whether it is moist. Wood that is moist and laden with water may not burn properly. The energy that is gotten from the firewood will need to dry the firewood which can be wasteful and the fumes and smokes form the green and freshly cut wood can be quite a pollutant. On the other hand, the seasoned firewood is usually dry and has been cut into pieces that are easier to carry and even light the fire.

There are several considerations that you need to make when choosing the right kind of wood:

  • Ensure that the hardwood logs for sale is stored in an area that is well-ventilated and dry. This could be the outdoors. It should be covered and it’s placed in an area that can’t get flooded.
  • The firewood for sale near me should have a color that ranges from gray to dark. This usually shows that the wood is older and drier
  • You should bang two woods together. In case they sound hollow, this is definitely a good sign.
  • LIght the wood lights well, it shows that it has no water
  • Pick wood that has some cracked ends as these shows that its dry
  • Pick pieces that don’t contain any bark or can be easily pulled off. Barks only adhere to wood with moisture.
  • Avoid selecting the newest wood from the pile’s top. Choose the wood that looks oldest even if this means digging deeper

When you follow these rules, you will have the right firewood for sale near me.