What Percent Annoying Are You?

Find out how irritating you really are.

Sweety High
Created By Sweety High
On Sep 12, 2019
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Do you correct people's grammar mistakes?

Someone starts to tell a story and it reminds you of your own, what do you do?

Is your last Instagram post a selfie?

Do you agree with the phrase: "A queen is never late, everyone else is simply early."

You're planning a dinner with friends, but the place they all agreed on isn't your fave. How do you respond?

You stay over at your friend's house for lunch. Do you...

Your S.O. has a last minute study sesh they can't get out of so you have to cancel your date. How do you respond?

What's your fave genre of music?

Do people often ask you to repeat what you said?

Someone tells you that you're pretty. How do you respond?

Which of these do you do most often?

A waiter gets your order wrong. What do you do?

How quickly do you respond to texts?

You're 27% Annoying

You're 27% Annoying

Congrats, you're tolerable! While everyone has annoying traits, yours are few and far between—after all, you're only human! You step into situations with your head on your shoulders and never choose to make a scene. You're known for being super polite to strangers and your friends' parents all adore you. If you have any weird habits, you keep them hidden behind closed doors or only reveal them to those closest to you.

You're 43% Annoying

You're 43% Annoying

You're a pretty normal level of annoying. It's nothing out of the ordinary—certain things seriously tick you off and you let it be known. Some things, however, you keep to yourself. You probably have a weird habit your friends make fun of you for, but you've been doing it for so long there's no way to stop it now. You're not the most patient person, but it's something you're actively working on.

You're 62% Annoying

You're 62% Annoying

It might not come as a shock to you, but you're pretty annoying. The way you react in certain situations is downright irritating—someone's definitely called you out on it before. While we all have annoying tendencies, yours are a bit more obvious to others, so it's something you need to work on. Be mindful of other people's feelings and time—the world doesn't revolve around you. With that being said, you're probably just comfortable in your skin and don't care what anyone else thinks.

You're 88% Annoying

You're 88% Annoying

Hate to break it to you—but you're super annoying. The way you react to certain situations is pretty selfish and at times obnoxious. We're betting you've gotten into verbal arguments with people over petty things. But it's not all that bad—you're just super comfortable in your skin. You're not afraid to voice your opinion, and a lot of people find that to be an attractive trait in a person. If something is wrong in your eyes, you're going to make sure everyone knows about it.