Halloween Quiz

How well do you know Halloween? Our spooky new quiz covers questions on literature, movies and the origins of Halloween. Can you get a perfect score?

Protocol Education
Created by Protocol Education
On Oct 22, 2015
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The custom of dressing up at Halloween began at which festival?

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What does the old English word 'Hallow' mean?

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What is the phobia of Halloween called?

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In Bram Stoker's novel, what is the name of the ship that takes Dracula to Whitby?

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Which horror actor provided the voiceover for Michael Jackson's Thriller?

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Which two actors in 'Ghostbusters' was also co-writers of the film?

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In the 17th century, witch-hunter Matthew Hopkins claimed to hold which title?

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The word pumpkin originates from which Greek word?

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What is another name for Halloween?

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What is the subtitle to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

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