Are you an angel, demon, or something else???

Find out what you truly are!!! BTW Something else is in between.

How nice are you to other people on a sale from one to ten??

Have you ever thought about committing murder, theft, or abuse??

Do you love animals, think they're ok, or despise them??

Do you want to be in a serious relationship with someone??

Are you a religious person??

What is your favorite color out of these below???

How much do you lie

What would you grade your life

Pick your favorite flower of these below

What is your favorite animal you see below

What do you do when you see someone drop money??

When you think about the metaphor "Like taking candy from a baby" What do you think?

This is more of an opinion but...What dog???

Have you ever hurt someone on purpose???

When you find someone hurt what do you do???

When you find an animal close to death what would you do???

How easily do you become jealous?

Would you travel back in time to a certain event to fix a mistake or someone else's mistake??

What is your weapon of choice???

What mythical creature do you prefer???

What would you do if the world was being destroyed by evil??

If you had special powers would you use them for good or evil???

You find a human who is lost in the woods what would you do???

What would you do if you saw many angels falling from heaven??

Now listen to some music!

Do you like the music??





Who knows???

Who knows???