This Mother Refused To Give Up On Her Disabled Son, Now He's On His Way To Harvard!

Here's a true testament to the power of a mothers love! Zuo Hongyan ignored doctors and her husband and refused to give up on her son; now he's on his way to Harvard!

Ding Ding was born with cerebral palsy after complications at birth. Things didn't look good for him at the start, but one person never ever gave up on him; his mother.

Ding Ding as a child with his mother

Hongyan was advised to give up the child but refused, even divorcing her husband and moving out with her son. She worked three jobs to support them both, and took Ding to regular therapy sessions. She trained him to use chopsticks even though he struggled. He's received a bachelors degree and a masters in China...

The pair in the early days...

And now he's on his way to Harvard in the fall! Ding says he'll miss his mother, but he's excited! Well done you two!

Seriously wonderful!