Are you Team Sega or Team Nintendo?

Forget PlayStation vs Xbox, the real playground war in the early nineties was Sega vs Nintendo. Not sure where you stand? Take this quiz to find out!

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On Jan 30, 2017

Which is more valuable?

How do you prefer to travel?

Handheld gaming is...

A flying fox looks like...

You have one banana. Who will you give it to?

Which fearless female will protect us from the aliens?

The worlds' greatest secret agent is...

Who wins this punch-out?

What will you be shooting today?

The true Jurassic Park experience is...

Which of these images signifies "invulnerability"?

A Role Playing Game looks like...

How are the flying lessons going?

Next-Gen gaming is...

You are Team Sega!

You are Team Sega!

You are Team Nintendo!

You are Team Nintendo!