QUIZ TIME! Which books should you get your friends and family for Christmas?

Buying presents for loved ones is a hard task - SP to the rescue! Take our quiz for some bookish inspiration to surprise your friends and family with this Christmas...

Souvenir Press
Created by Souvenir Press
On Dec 11, 2014

What is their favourite hobby?

What is their favourite animal?

Where would they love to escape to?

What is their favourite TV programme?

What's their favourite food?

The Magic & Mystery of Birds by Noah Strycker

The Magic & Mystery of Birds by Noah Strycker

The Magic and Mystery of Birds
by Noah Strycker

Why do birds do what they do, and how do they offer a glimpse into the nature of humanity? From the life-long relationships of the albatross, the remarkable memory of the nutcracker and other avian mysteries Noah Strycker illuminates the startlingly intimate coexistence of birds and humans.

Noah Strycker has spent the last decade studying bird behaviour in some of the world’s remotest places – from a penguin colony in Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, the Australian outback, the Galápagos Islands – and has observed almost 2,500 species of birds. Noah has come to understand that birds are lively, unpredictable individuals loaded with personality and, if you look closely enough, birds have human counterparts. From the homing instinct of pigeons (and the mystery of the pigeon equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle in eastern England), testing the turkey vulture’s sense of smell with a deer carcass to the reason behind penguin’s fear of water and lack of fear of humans, even the courtship rituals of Australia’s winged Casanova, the bowerbird, by studying birds, we ultimately learn about ourselves. As we learn about birds, we gain insights into memory, relationships, game theory and the nature of intelligence itself.

Drawing on cutting-edge scientific research, along with his personal experience and colourful anecdotes, The Magic and Mystery of Birds is a thoughtful and engaging look at how the life of birds connects with humanity. Perfect for any bird fans in your family!


Meet The Beatles by Tony Barrow

Meet The Beatles by Tony Barrow

Meet the Beatles
by Tony Barrow

In 1963, this book introduced the Beatles to the world, all in their own words. Filled with rare photographs of a day in the life of the Beatles as they became the world’s biggest band, it is a unique piece of memorabilia.

This Special collector’s edition relives the days of Beatlemania and is a must-have for any Beatles fan this Christmas.


Jump Attack by Tim S. Grover

Jump Attack by Tim S. Grover

Jump Attack
by Tim S. Grover

Channel your inner Michael Jordan with Jump Attack - a complete training plan that allows anyone to achieve results that were once only available to elite athletes. Devised for explosive performance in any sport by Jordan's personal trainer, this challenging workout, based on sequence training, combines weight training, plyometrics and stretching. Hyyahhh!


Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl

Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl

Easter Island: The Mystery Solved
by Thor Heyerdahl

Easter Island is one of the most remote places in the world and Thor Heyerdahl spent much of his life investigating the mystery of Easter Island’s ancient giant statues. How were they made, how were they moved and what was the origin of the native legend that the statues ‘walked’?

Heyerdahl visited Easter Island, in 1955 and 1956 as he tried to determine if the island had been originally colonised by people who sailed from South America across 2,000 miles of ocean. Returning to the island over thirty years later Heyerdahl investigated the ruins of the island’s unique statues, monolithic human figures carved from rock, and experimented with techniques that could have allowed a pre-industrial culture to create and move such enormous figures.

The ideal gift for the traveller in your family.