The Premier League top goalscorer quiz

How much can you remember about the league's best goalscorers?

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On Apr 27, 2018
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Mohamed Salah broke the record for most left-footed goals in a single Premier League season - how many of his 31 goals so far have come from his left peg?

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Before Harry Kane, who was the last English striker to win the golden boot?

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Which player has won the award most frequently?

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How many Manchester City players make up the current top 10 goal-scorers in the league?

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How many PL hat-tricks did Luis Suarez score in the 2013/14 season?

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Which was the last team to win the Premier League with the Golden Boot winner for that season in the side?

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How many of Didier Drogba's 29 league goals in the 2009/10 season came against Arsenal?

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England players boast the most Golden Boot wins, but which two countries have produced the second highest number?

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Which of these Premier League teams has never boasted a Golden Boot winner?

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Add Thierry Henry's famous shirt number at Arsenal to Didier Drogba's at Chelsea, and you get the number of goals Harry Kane scored to win the Golden Boot in the 2015/16 season.

How many did he score?

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What's the lowest goal total to have ever earned the Golden Boot?

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Who was the first player ever to win the Premier League award?

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Robin van Persie won the Golden Boot in his first season at Manchester United - against which side did he score Match of the Day's goal of the season?

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And last but not least, which of these Manchester City players did NOT make it into the top 10 goalscorers for the 2011/12 season?

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