How well do you know Nova Scotia?

I moved here from France 5 years ago. I made up these questions using only facts I've learned during that time. Do you know Nova Scotia like I do?
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On Jan 27, 2015
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The only highway toll in Nova Scotia is the Cobequid Pass Toll. What does it cost for a car (if you don’t use a E-Pass)?

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There’s a framed handkerchief hanging on a wall in Province House. Who did it belong to?

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Imagine someone speaking chiac to you.What do they mean when they say:
Mon boyfriend va starter sa nouvelle job. Ché pas qu'est-ce qui va on après ça.

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The Blue Nose is on almost every licence plate in Nova Scotia. When was it built?

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Which of the following is not a real Scotsburn ice cream flavour?

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Sometimes Nova Scotia seems to be Hollywood's 51st state. Which movie doesn't mention Nova Scotia?

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What's the name of this national park?

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When Acadians first settled the town now known as Truro, they named their community "Vil Bois-Brûlé". What does that mean?

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Every time there is a snowstorm somewhere, someone will say: "It's bad, but it's no White Juan." What year did the end-of-times storm hit Nova Scotia?

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