6 Reasons to choose LED DownLights for Ambient Lighting

Want to add some ambient lighting in your home? Choose LED Downlights to create an amazing ambiance that helps you relax from a long tiring day! LED Downlights are the most popular and demanding for creating ambient lighting in your home as it delivers a soft and very comforting glow. LED Downlights can be installed in any type of ceilings making it a perfect add-on to home décor. These are also used for applications in offices, restaurants, retails shops, malls and buildings. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should buy LED Downlights to get ambient lighting in your home: 1. Recessed Mounted If you are a fan of ambient lighting, the recessed downlights is a perfect choice to illuminate your home. These downlights are installed in recessed area like a hollow opening in a ceiling. Being recessed mounted, these down lights are used to illuminate secluded areas in your home. 2. High CRI LED Downlights is a worthy replacement for incandescent lights due to its high CRI. The color rendering index (CRI) of any light source is a measure of how naturally or truly it shows the colors of an object. LED downlights ensures a high CRI value of above 90 promising high level of color accuracy. 3. Glare-free Glare is harmful to the human eye and can cause eye strain. The glare present in the light can be defined as “excessive light to see things clearly”. However, it is extremely important to control glare in any room. Thus, LED downlights is a reliable and smart option as it provides glare-free light distribution and relaxing illumination. 4. Instant and Uniform Light Downlights are the most demanding among LED products due to its ability to light instantly and provide uniform light. The light is distributed so evenly and smoothly that it makes home décor look lovelier and appealing. 5. Eco-friendly LED down lights are considered eco-friendly lights in nature as it does not give any harmful emissions. No mercury or lead is used to manufacture LED lights. These lights are environment-friendly, good for health and well-being. 6. Long life You don’t need to worry about replacing lights again and again as LED down lights are capable of running for up to 50,000 hours, far better than halogen lights (life expectancy of around 1,000 hours). Due to its longevity, LED downlights are the most cost-efficient option for lighting your home. Read More

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