Can You Guess Which Cheese It Is?

Test your knowledge of international cheese with this quiz!

Sheeva Azma
Created by Sheeva Azma
On Jan 20, 2014
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Common in South Asian cuisine, this chewy, crumbly, firm cheese is enjoyed as a main ingredient in soups, stews, and desserts

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This generic American cheese is similar to Emmental and is known for its holes

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Known in English as Finnish squeaky cheese, this is a fresh cheese traditionally made from the rich milk from a cow that has recently calved

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This Danish cheese is named after a region in north of Copenhagen, where the owner Hanne Nielsen had developed modern cheesemaking techniques

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This cheese is made from pasteurized sheeps' milk in the French Pyrenees. Its name means "origin" in Basque

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Don Quixote may have enjoyed this cheese, which originates from the La Mancha region of Spain

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This mild cheese was made by Cistercian monks starting in the 12th century

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This decoratively-shaped cheese, made of salted sheep's milk, is made only in the Tatra Mountains region of Poland

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This cheese, traditionally consumed in the Himalayas, is available in two varieties

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This Ethiopian cheese has little flavor on its own and is often served as a side dish with spicy foods

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