The Naked News: 12/25

This week in The Naked News: a famous singer released a very revealing photo, the daughter of two hollywood stars bares it all and a sexy legend takes on Mexico!

Shay Cohen
Created By Shay Cohen
On Mar 29, 2017
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Who released this blurry nakedness?

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Who was walking her dog in the snow wearing a bikini?!

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Whose nakedness is featured in this week's GQ?

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Who posed shirtless next to these guys for this year's christmas card?

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This porn star took naked photos inside a Catholic high school. This week she was sentenced to

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This TV actress is having a lot of fun wearing a thong in Mexico

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This photo is from which movie coming out this week?

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These cast members had a lovely time shooting by the pool. Which TV show do they belong to?

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Who's enjoying a day at the beach?

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Who is feeling sexy next to the Christmas tree?

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