How To Win At Nerdiness According To Mayim Bialik

From "Blossom" to "The Big Bang Theory", Mayim Bialik is our favorite TV geek. Here are some facts that will teach you how such awesomeness is created

Shay Cohen
Created By Shay Cohen
On Mar 29, 2017
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What is the meaning of the name "Mayim" in Hebrew?

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After "Blossom" ended, Mayim moved to the east coast in order to attend Harvard University

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Mayim has a PhD in...

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Before "Blossom", Mayim had a part in a cheesy horror movie

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Mayim is a...

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Mayim also published a parenting book in 2012

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One of Mayim's best moments on "The Big Bang Theory" is when Sheldon gives Amy a special gift

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Mayim is a big science fiction fan

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Mayim learned how to play the harp for her role as Amy on "The Big Bang Theory"

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So are you the biggest fan of Mayim Bialik already?

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