You Think You Know Judas Priest?

A quiz on your knowledge of the almighty Judas Priest! Careful, this one isn't for just casual fans! It starts out fairly easy, but gets very hard!

Shawn Smith
Created By Shawn Smith
On Mar 29, 2017
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Who is the current lead singer for Judas Priest?

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Which album featured Living After Midnight?

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In what year did 'Painkiller' hit shelves?

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In 1982, Judas Priest released Screaming For Vengeance. Which song from that album has been almost always featured in their live shows since the release of that album?

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What album is the song "Parental Guidance" on?

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What is "The Ripper" about?

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Sometime in 1992, Rob Halford left Judas Priest. The band began to think they were through until they eventually chose who to replace Halford?

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The PMRC had a blacklist of songs called the 'filthy fifteen'. On that list was a Judas Priest song from 'Defenders of the Faith'. What song was that?

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When Rob Halford left Judas Priest in 1992, he formed what band afterwards?

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Which of the band members below is the only original member left in the Judas Priest line-up today?

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Who was the original lead vocalist for Judas Priest?

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Who was Scott Travis the drummer for prior to joining Judas Priest?

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Judas Priest had originally intended for 'Turbo' to be a double album called 'Twin Turbos'. Several songs were left over from the original sessions, but didn't end up on 'Turbo'. What album did some of those songs end up on instead?

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In 1987, Racer X were given a song by Judas Priest originally intended for the Turbo album. The band recorded the song and it is featured on their album titled 'Second Heat'. What was this song?

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This is the hardest question.
Ram it Down, the title track from Judas Priest's 1988 album of the same name, was written back as far as what albums sessions?

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This should be a gimme... Breaking the _______?

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Bonus: Which of the following four Judas Priest albums do you like most? (Note: there is no wrong answer here)

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