Is He the ONE? Soul Mate Quiz

Take the 2-minute quiz to find out if he's the Shiva to your Shakti, your soulmate in disguise or maybe the wrong guy for you. Created and presented by best-selling author and marriage mechanic, Shasta Townsend.

Created by Shasta
On May 30, 2016

Choose the image that most adequately describes the attraction between you and your partner:

Do you feel comfortable being the "real" you around your partner, faults and all?

What type of movie does your intimate relationship most resemble?

When there's something to be discussed in your relationship (money, parenting, not spending time together, etc)...

Speaking of money, choose the statement below that best describes money and your relationship.

When it comes to my spiritual practice, my partner:

When it comes to values and shared goals and desires, my partner and I are:

Committing to my partner was...

When you think about the future, is your partner a major part of your vision?

Which animal pairing best describes your relationship right now?

He's the ONE!

He's the ONE!

Yup, he's the one! You have a true soulmate.
You have the unique opportunity to be a true power couple!
So get really clear on what you want to create together as you are a great match for some super creation!!
Figure out what your great life looks like (no holding back) and maybe even how to serve the world together.
Want help creating more abundance, more connection and more adventure? Talk to best-selling author & relationship coach, Shasta Townsend to learn how you can create your POWERFUL PARTNERSHIP and dream life!

He's the One, But It Could Be Better

He's the One, But It Could Be Better

You love him, but there is some distance or disconnection.
You want more better connection, understanding and a little more good sex might be nice!
It might be easier than you think!! If you are ready for a renaissance in your relationship, talk to best-selling author and marriage mechanic Shasta Townsend about creating your rich & satisfying relationship and juicy life you long for!
It's easier than you think!

He Might Be the One, But There's Some Distance to Close

He Might Be the One, But There's Some Distance to Close

You feel alone, lonely and frustrated. You are considering have tried it all and you are fed up...
But before you walk out the door forever, talk to best-selling author and marriage mechanic, Shasta Townsend about her "unconventional" approach to creating a rich relationship, no matter what. She went from near-divorce to delightful in her marriage - learn her secret. There's still hope!