Why Jennifer Lawrence is The Coolest Girl Ever

We sure hope you know everything about this gorgeous "Hunger Games" star. If you don't, get ready to fall in love with her

Shachar Orren
Created By Shachar Orren
On Mar 29, 2017
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Jennifer has been on many magazine covers. But has she ever posed nude for any of them?

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Is Jen the youngest actress to ever win an Academy Award for best Leading role?

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What did J-Law say crossed her mind when she fell on the way to get her Award?

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Why did Jennifer make these faces?

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When Jennifer Lawrence was told she needed to lose weight, she...

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Who has she dated?

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And her teen crush was...?

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Why did she decide to cut off her gorgeous hair?

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Long before "The Hunger Games", Jennifer auditioned for the role of...

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What was the best part about filming in the water, according to Jen?

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