How Much Of A Hipster Are You?

Most of us have hipster tendencies, whether we like to admit it or not. Take this quiz to see if you can still sit with us, or if you need to remove the word "mainstream" from your vocabulary, permanently.

Sgt Olivia Betchson
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On Jun 8, 2015

Be honest, how big are your glasses?

How do you feel about Iggy?

What part of Manhattan do you live in?

What was the last hat you wore?

Complete the sentence: "Flannel is for _____"

What was the last item you bought at a thrift store?

On a scale of 1-10, how much of a hipster do you think you are?

What are your thoughts on the man bun?

Too Hipster to Function

Too Hipster to Function

How are you alive right now, and taking this quiz? Actually, you know what, never mind, I bet you're about to tell me that you were taking personality quizzes before Buzzfeed made them mainstream. Ugh, I think there's a sale at a Thrift Shop far, far away from me that you should like totally go check out now.



You're sort of hipster, but like not really. Like, maybe you wear oversized glasses, but your frames are designer. You eat at the occasional farm-to-table restaurant every once in a while, but it's not like you live in their kitchen. In other words, you might engage in the occasional hipster trend from time to time, but you don't go overboard and can still call yourself a betch.

No Hipsters Allowed

No Hipsters Allowed

In other words, you're not at all hipster and if someone even implied that you were, you would get all offended. Not gonna lie, you sound kind of basic...

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