These 16 Stunning Portraits Show People Who Cross The Border Daily

Whether they're commuters, vacationers, or those who were once deported, photographers Rodrigo Abd and Christopher Sherman created theses incredible portraits to portray the lives and faces of those who face the border daily.

  1. Darius Jaeger

A San Diego native, Darius Jaeger has lived in Tijuana for the last 7 years, due to lower cost of living.

2. Jorge Estrada

A surfer born in San Diego, Estrada currently lives in Tijuana, but goes to rehab once each week in San Diego for a heroin addiction.

3. Mario

A restaurant worker, Mario lives in Tijuana after being deported in 2000. He has three kids currently living in the U.S.

4. Emilio Barrera Mondregon

From the southern Mexico state of Guerrero, Mondregon was deported to Tijuana from the U.S. last year and is currently trying to save enough money to reenter.

5. Marie Mirlande Caceus and her children

After losing their home in Hurricane Matthew, Caceus and her children, Miguel and Lilliam, emigrated to Brazil. From there they have come to the border between the U.S. and Mexico. She and her husband have decided not to try to cross the border for fear of being deported back to Haiti.

6. Jose Salazar Luna

A 65-year-old Californian living in San Diego, he crosses the border between the U.S. and Mexico once a week to eat chilaquiles at his favorite restaurant in Tijuana.

7. Jesus Ontiveros

Born in Tijuana but raised in California, he now lives in Tijuana but commutes to San Diego where he studies nursing and works at a Walmart.

8. Amber Robinson

The 39-year-old Alabama native and army veteran served three tours of duty in Afghanistan before moving to San Diego. She likes to visit Tijuana regularly because it reminds her of her time in Afghanistan.

9. Ursulo Montenegro

This 51 year old was just deported from the United States after serving time in prison for killing a man in self defense.

10. Paul Johnson

A construction worker, Johnson was photographed returning to San Diego from Tijuana after spending some time at the beach there.

11. Abigail and Valeria Rodriguez

Rodriguez has worked in a tupperware shop near the bridge since before the 2001 terrorist attacks and says that business dropped drastically afterward.

12. Woman waiting for friend

This transgender woman was photographed while waiting for a friend at the Chaparral border crossing.

13. Victor Daniel Bonilla Montes

This 35 year old was deported 15 years ago while working in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He has tried many times to return unsuccessfully.

14. Juan Lopez and Luz Noris

This husband and wife from the state of Sinaloa in Mexico cross the border occasionally to go shopping and visit relatives but say that it has gotten much harder to do so recently.

15. Miguel Trejo

This retiree crosses the bridge over the border three times a week while walking for exercise.

16. Yesenia Huerta

This 23-year-old self described "citizen of the universe" lives in Tijuana because it is more affordable than San Diego but commutes to work at a sporting goods store and school to study journalism there almost every day.

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