How Good Is Your Visual Memory?

First watch the video, then answer the question to test your memory. Think it's easy? Let's see!

Scott O'cconor
Created by Scott O'cconor
On Mar 29, 2017
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First, watch the legendary video "Girls just want to have fun"

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At the beginning of the video, Cyndi’s mother is…

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What is Cyndi’s father wearing at the beginning of the video?

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Cyndi is watching a movie in:

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While the gang parties at Cyndi’s room, a delivery guy comes over with food. What type of food is it?

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Cyndi’s date brings her flowers. What color are they?

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Is there a nurse in Cyndi’s room?

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Cyndi and her friend pick up a business man at the train station. What was the business man doing before they arrived?

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During the video, Cyndi and her friends are all wearing ____ at the same time.

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Does Cyndi has a computer in her room?

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What happens when Cyndi’s father opens her bedroom door?

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How many girlfriends does Cyndi have with her?

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