Can You Pass The FBI Special Agent Test?

Do you have what it takes to join the FBI?

Scott O'cconor
Created by Scott O'cconor
On Nov 28, 2018

What does it mean if the person who's talking to you keeps touching his neck, arms and watch?

Do you have a driver's licence?

Have you ever experimented with drugs?

Have you ever had a personal enemy?

Do you work out daily?

Do you believe that people can change through time?

Have you ever fired a weapon?

You are being called into a murder crime scene. What's the first thing you investigate?

You spot one of the FBI's most wanted criminals walking down the street. What do you do?

What do you think this is?

Natural Born Special Agent!

Natural Born Special Agent!

You were born to be an FBI agent!
You were solving cases before you knew the ABC and helping others is in your blood. You also look absolutely HOT in a suit - so it's a win win situation. You're smart, intuitive, friendly and brave. A career with the FBI is perfect for you!

You Should Apply in a Few Years

You Should Apply in a Few Years

You have the right approach and mind to join the FBI, but you are not quite there yet. You need to take a few more years and dedicate them to work on yourself. Learn, exercise, grow and experience new adventures. After you're done, go and do the test again, the FBI will snatch you up right away!

You're Not FBI Material (But We Heard the CIA is Hiring)

You're Not FBI Material (But We Heard the CIA is Hiring)

Forget all about the FBI, you have CIA written all over your face!
You are smart, quick on your feet, sneaky, and most importantly - secretive! You shouldn't be running around criminals all day, you should be stealing top secrets from all over the world!