Analog Tape Trivia

How much do you remember about recording to analog tape? Have you gone totally digital, or is the old-school way of recording still familiar to you? Find out with this quiz.

Scott Johnson
Created by Scott Johnson
On Mar 29, 2017
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Why is it necessary for analog tapes to be stored "tails out?"

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Select one advantage of using a higher tape speed, such as 30 ips.

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Which of the following is NOT normally adjusted during routine tape machine calibration?

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Why are bass guitar and SMPTE timecode almost always recorded on edge tracks (lowest and highest numbered tracks)?

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What's the purpose of bias when recording to analog tape?

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"Sync" or "Sel-Rep" mode, when selected on a track that isn't armed, causes what to occur?

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Which of the following is NOT important information about a calibration tape?

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A reference fluxivity of 250 nanoWebers per meter is generally referred to as:

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Which of the following tasks should NOT be performed before loading the calibration tape on the machine?

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A desirable effect of driving analog tape into the region of saturation is:

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