24 Winning Reasons To Love Being A Woman

While it's true men are from Mars and women are from Venus, let's just say Venus has a TON to celebrate on a daily basis. Here are 24 reasons why being a woman is the absolute best!

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School of Shine
Created by School of Shine
On Mar 22, 2015

Women live longer.

Life expectancy for women is 80, while for men it's 70. We have a lot more life to live ladies, so let's do it up!


Women control 98.6% of sex in the world.

Let's be honest. Woman have the upper hand when it comes to sex, and just like vampires, partners must be invited IN before they can take a bite.

Bottom line - Your body, your rules. Period.


We're natural born leaders.

Because of the expectations placed on women in society, we're expected to perform twice as much to be thought of as "half as good". We've adapted well to 'getting shit done' and are taking action to make the world recognize it too.

Here's the actual science behind it: http://www.businessinsider.com/study-women-are-better-leaders-2014-1


The busier women are, the more we can do.

Just YUP.


Women ARE the miracle of life.

Okay, men do about 2 minutes of work, but we carry, support, and GROW a 'lil human inside of us for the other 388,800 minutes of the time. Our boobs are not only beauties, they lactate milk to feed our young. If that's not a modern daily miracle, I don't actually know what is.

(Besides finding this Uncle Jesse gif ;)


Speaking of beauties, we have built in distraction for any man.

Kinda sad, but very true.


Women have special bonds with their besties.

She knows too much about you, and vice versa. And now that you're this far, can't stop, won't stop.


Women's bodies are beautiful

Your curves, your dips, your hips, your rolls, your eyes, your smile, your booty, your legs, your hair, your flaws, your heart....whatever you were blessed and born with -YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL.

Please start believing it.


We're on the same team.

Since childhood we've been taught to judge and compete with one another but a NEW movement is spreading for women by women, where we stop judging and bringing one another down, but accept, uplift and empower one another to make amazing things happen within our world of women.

Visit School of Shine to learn more: http://www.schoolofshine.com


Behind every great woman is herself.

WE GOT THE POWER. It all starts with you darling woman! Choose to be in control of your life and you will be.


We pay lower car insurance

It might not sound right to you, but it's because women get 50% less DUIs than men. So guys, you can probably stop making those bad driving jokes now.


Women get to play dress up everyday

Suits, slacks, & striped shirts are quite boring. We get to choose from an array of gorgeous, colorful, stylish fabrics, pieces, & seasonal selections of wonderful wardrobe.


It's okay for us to 'just wanna dance.'

When ya feel it, ya just feel it. Sometimes shaking it is the perfect release for letting out some energy and giving your body & brain a boost.


Women naturally adapt better to change.

RAWR! This is proven by the thousands of women who are taking control of their lives - whether working their way up or opening their own businesses, women are bettering the economy and choosing to create their own kind of change.


Women can wear make up without judgement.

Bronzer and spot of red lipstick...FANCY.


We get to be little old rolly polly ladies who play Cards Against Humanity and day drink.

Senior citizen? More like super fucking awesome citizen.


We know every word of our top 3 favorite Disney movies by heart.

Since watching Disney on repeat, how could we not want to live under the sea, down where it's better, take it from me?


The Multiple Orgasm.

If it hasn't happened for you yet, then you've just discovered your life purpose.


We set goals for ourselves.

Make a list, check it twice, and then get that shit crossed off ASAP.


All women are silly and weird in some way.

Let's embrace our differences and celebrate our weirdness. WOO WOO WOO!


We have amazing childhood moments and memories, if only from watching this movie.

Sugar doo doo doo doo doo doo, oh honey honey.


We can keep things in perspective.

Sometimes it's hard to take a step back and see the big picture, but once we do, the conclusion is always pretty simple.


We have great communication skills.

We might not agree all the time, but at least we can talk about it.


When women walk together in line, people get really scared of us.

Can't really explain this one, but let's just start doing it to freak people out.