Which Half of Cartinelli Are You?

Peggy or Angie?

On Mar 29, 2017

What do you do when faced with danger?

How do you seek out lovers or friendship?

How quick are you to resort to violence?

How's your sense of humour?

How do you deal with sadness?

What do you think about food (okay this may be more fanon that anything, but we're inferring, okay)?

How far are you willing to go for people you care about?

Peggy Carter

Peggy Carter

The Agent willing to stick up for herself and ready to fight anyone, any time. Quick witted and impulsive, you're a classic hero. But you also have issues dealing with her emotions, and embody some stoic traits which you needs help working though. You also have more 'English' traits, determined to push though, which can be useful for soldiering on, but can also be an issue when dealing with emotions that you sometimes don't acknowledge. Sometimes you just need an Angie to recognise your pain and help you work through it, and to brighten your day. But in the end you'll be good for Angies everywhere, resilient, strong, supportive and brave.

Angie Martinelli

Angie Martinelli

The Waitress who's always there with humour to soften the mood, and some good food. Sweet and sturdy, you're a classic war girl. But you also can be quick to jump to conclusions and a little quick to obsess over someone or something. And while you're wonderfully supportive of the people you care about and quick to wholly support them, no matter what, you find it a bit easier to give up on yourself and wholly dedicate yourself to someone else's cause. Sometimes you just need a Peggy to stick with you, support you right back and be there for you to help. But in the end Peggys everywhere are grateful for all your help and sweetness to brighten their days.