What Emoji Are You?

Take this quiz to find out what emoticon you are!

Sarah Christensen
Created by Sarah Christensen
On Mar 26, 2015

On a school night, you're most likely...

What is the first thing you do once you get to the beach?

Your crush finally asks you out, what do you say?

A stranger compliments your appearance, you reply with...

What image matches your room most?

Your daily outfit usually looks like...

What is your favorite music genre?

What shoes are most likely to be found wearing?

If you could get any of these hairstyles, which would it be?

Which pattern do you like best?

Girls night! What do you have planned?

Someone dares you to ask a stranger for a kiss on the cheek. You say...

On your first date, he leans in for a kiss. You...

How would your friends describe you?

When you first show up at a party you...

Laugh/Crying Emoji

Laugh/Crying Emoji

You are a very fun and athletic person who is always laughing, you love spending time with your friends and you care about them too. If there is one thing in the world you don't care about, it's your looks. You are full of life and creativity, you're pretty much the definition of fun!

Innocent Angel Emoji

Innocent Angel Emoji

You are innocent and love to do things simple. You always stay away and want nothing to do with trouble. You aren't a crazy dare devil or a diva, but you are still kind, cute, and fun to be around!

Sinister Emoji

Sinister Emoji

You are very daring and love to do things wild! You don't care about the damage you just wanna have fun! You are almost considered a tomboy because of your fun, adventurous, and spunky attitude! You have a simple look and don't believe in and overdose of makeup. You're always willing to try new things and that is why people love you!

Queen Emoji

Queen Emoji

You are a very sassy person who cares a lot about how you look. You are very prideful and popular and always making sure you look good! You are a diva but a fun and nice one, full of charisma! Good job!