So You Think You Know Photoshop?

Can you solve these basic Photoshop Trivia questions correctly? Here are some simple questions related to Photoshop - see how many you can answer correctly:

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Created by Santa Barbara Local Publishing Company
On Nov 8, 2015
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What Filter was applied to achieve this effect?

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What is this panel called?

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What Tool was used to make the boxed dotted line selection?

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What effect was applied to the right side of this image?

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What is this Window being used when working with Photoshop?

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This Letter 'X' has 2 Effects applied to it, what are they called?

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Sometimes Adobe has Special Screens, what type of Screen is this called?

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This fencing had a Transformation applied to it, what Transformation was used?

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This Gradated Orb was created using what Tool?

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Which version of Photoshop is this Startup Screen from?

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