Hosting An Event For Your Cannabis Dispensary? 8 Tips to Make It A Success

Samuel Jones
Created by Samuel Jones
On Feb 25, 2019
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Celebrating your dispensary’s anniversary or the launch of a new product is a great idea but how do you get through this event when public consumption of cannabis is forbidden by the law? Oh yes, cannabis or CBD oil suppliers have their own drawbacks!
Cannabis-friendly events are difficult to host as people who attend are keen on chilling using marijuana but you’ve got to keep the event legal. And with that in mind, you also need to make it a fun and engaging event.
Well, don’t you worry! We have some fantastic ideas that could make your event a successful one and that too with strict compliance with the law. All you have to do is get creative with your ideas that have an alliance with the marketing of your store!

1. Offering Discounts Is The First Thing That Ensures Success

If your dispensary has a great customer coverage, a simple announcement of having discounts for the day of the event can make it a huge success. All you have to do is make this day of offers an exclusive one which people get afraid to miss.
With an enticing copy up on flyers and social media pointing to the cannabis or hemp for sale will remind people in case they forget. Planning this event on a day off is another way of ensuring that more people turn up to the venue. Also, make sure you put offers on the right products, for instance, the ones which people tend to buy more, or the ones which people wish to buy but are expensive.

2. Music Has Always Been A Companion Of Cannabis Enthusiasts

Did you know that when John Sinclair, a political rebel, and a writer got arrested for marijuana consumption and got 10 years of prison, John Lennon wrote a song about it? He sung it at a concert especially arranged in the name of John Sinclair and because of the support and protests followed the concert, they had to let John Sinclair go.
In all, music has always been a companion of the cannabis enthusiasts. You can either set-up a DJ and have him boost the people to stay longer with his songs or you can hire a local, younger band who has a great influence on the local people.

3. So What If You Can’t Use Cannabis In Masses, There’s Always CBD

It’s an awful thing that public use of cannabis is still a crime and it gets in the way while hosting cannabis-specific events. But there’s still a way you can include a part of cannabis without breaking the law. CBD-infused products have no THC in it and most of the states consider its consumption legal.
You can offer a CBD-infused welcome beverage to give the people they feel in the event. If you don’t have CBD products at your dispensary, contact a CBD supplier and get the necessary things in wholesale. However, this also seems to be an opportunity to cut some more slack if you partner with a CBD manufacturer for the event. It will be their promotion as well and the entire thing will be cost-effective.

4. Try To Invite In Some Local Influencers To Make A Buzz

There’s always someone in the city who is considered to be the influencer of the masses. While this is not about fashion or beauty, so you may have to find someone who has the best interests for cannabis at heart. Say, for instance, there’s a lawyer who has consistently fought for cannabis legalization or a journalist/writer who put forth the truth about cannabis and CBD which is what’s needed to get people to know about the herb.
Such people could make your event special. But if you think that this might not work and you may just have to go by the rules, as a social media influencer to plan a meet and greet at the event for an additional boost.

5. Make The Event A Miscellaneous Of Education, Fun, Comedy, And More

People may love cannabis but that’s not enough motivation to leave the comfort of their home on a day off. Your event has to be fun to make the people consider it to attend it. And mind you, you have to hit a masterstroke by making it miscellaneous for the people of varying interests.
For instance, serious cannabis enthusiasts might want to gain some knowledge, so organize informational seminars. A specific lot will be there just to chill, so a bit of music could do for them. But as an additional motivational factor, you can follow the fad. Ask a stand-up comedian to host an hour-long show which could draw out the people who are looking for laughs along with cannabis.

6. Include The Branding Souvenirs To Make The Event A Memorable One

This tip is for the dispensaries who are organizing a huge event and want people to remember if for a long time. You can hand out some sort of souvenirs with your brand all over it for the people to remember. Don’t go for leaflets, they might end up in your event’s own bin.
You can go for coasters with a print of your branding on it, or a hemp notebook, etc. In all, something cheap that you can afford to give it out for free. Branding souvenirs will give an edge to the event and people will remember it whenever they look at it.

7. Never Ever Leave Out Social Media Out Of The Picture

We are living in the world of social media. If you leave it out, there is a chance that people might not even know about your event. So right from when you start planning the event, keep on posting about your thoughts and engage your customers.
During the event, you can live stream the tit-bits you think will have an impact on your customer base. Cover all the platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

8. Contests And Lucky Draws Are Crowd Magnets

There are two ways you can organize contests or draws, one is before the event which serves the purpose of creating a buzz for the event so more people will know about it.
The second is to conduct a contest or a lucky draw during the event and pre-publicize it so it may become the reason for many people to attend it. People love to compete and there’s something about lucky draws which manages to stir the interests of the crowd.
So, are you all set to start planning for your next big event? Make sure you follow at least four of the above-mentioned tips to make your dispensary event a success!