How well do you know Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV show?

Are you a super fan of the show? Or are you just playing at slaying?

Sam Cullan
Created By Sam Cullan
On Mar 29, 2017
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Obviously you know this is the home of the Slayer, right? But what is the address?

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Angel gave Buffy a gift before he became her beau. What was it?

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Faith was the third slayer to arrive in Sunnydale, but who was the second?

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The original Scooby Gang comprised four members. Which of these was the fifth?

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This Sunnydale High head was eaten alive by his students. What was his name?

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Only one of the original Scoobies did not, at some point, appear in the show as a vampire. Who was it?

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The pilot episode of BTVS featured this actress playing the part of which character?

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Despite living in a dubious neighbourhood, Joyce only got bitten once - name the guilty vamp.

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Buffy rarely used weapons other than a stake or crossbow, but which monster necessitated the extra firepower?

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Angelus was cursed with a soul by Clan Kalderash. Which member of the clan was sent to Sunnydale to check he was still suffering?

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When Anya was Aud she bred rabbits. Who was she dating at the time?

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Rupert Giles had early ambitions to become what?

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In "Once More, With Feeling" writer & producer David Fury appeared as which character?

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In "The Prom" Buffy is presented with the Class Protector Award by whom?

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Principal Wood's mother was killed by which vamp?

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In "Helpless" Buffy must face which foe deprived of her powers?

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William The Bloody got the tag because of his "bloody awful poetry" inspired by which character?

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Willow broke up with Xander because he did what?

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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce came to Sunnydale because of which event?

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Willow thought she'd found a nice boyfriend online called Malcolm, but who was she actually talking to?

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