How Much Of A Creeper Are You?

What kind of sick and twisted stuff are you really into?

Sam Brick
Created by Sam Brick
On Mar 18, 2015

Which of these activities do you use Facebook for most?

What do you enjoy reading?

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highest), how much do you enjoy watching documentaries or going on Wikipedia tangents to learn about serial killers?

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being highest), how fascinated are you by intervention or other shows about people with heavy drug/alcohol addiction?

You are on your way to work, and you notice a window with the curtains drawn back and see a guy changing. Do you:

Have you ever watched someone sleep?

What question about your life do you often ponder?

Which of these activities have you participated in?

Do you have alternative voices that you use when you see different kinds of animals, pretending you are actually talking as that animal? This includes pets.

What would you be interested in collecting?

Which of these pickup lines have you used/would you use?

If you had to choose, who is the most attractive guy?

Do you ever lurk around the neighborhood and just watch people and/or children?

Which of the following things do you do in public?

What do you think of Salad Fingers?



You are the creepiest motherF*&$er around! It is seriously impressive how creepy you are. You have the tendencies of a borderline sociopath. You are the weirdo lurking around the corner and breathing down people's necks, the one who gets excited by sexual perversion, death and the dark arts. You are always thinking about the freakiest stuff, and you wear it on your sleeve with your shaky grin and twitching eye. You should literally not be allowed out.

You're kind of creepy

You're kind of creepy

You're kind of creepy! You often lose yourself in twisted fantasies about very dark and perverted things, mostly sexual, but you would never act on them. You're pretty good at appearing normal most of the time, until that person you have a crush on hears a panting noise and catches you watching them sleep from outside their bedroom window in the middle of the night. You creeper....

You're not so creepy!

You're not so creepy!

You are very mildly creepy! You're a bit on the weird side, but you are too scared of the dark and the monsters lurking in the shadows to be one of them. You have a normal sexual appetite and don't get too fixated thinking about weird stuff like that. In fact, you are the perfect innocent victim for all of the creeps to prey on! Watch out... mwahaha!