Can You Survive The Oregon Trail?

How well do you remember the quintessential computer game of 80's and 90's? Do you have what it takes to survive? Let's play!

Samantha Jones
On Jul 10, 2015

Starting out! Choose your profession.

Choose your rations.

When will you set out?

Choose your pace.

What's the first thing you buy?

The road splits, which path do you take?

What would you rather have happen suddenly?

How deep does river water need to be for you to be able to safely cross?

What should you do at the Snake River?

Yes! You've arrived in Oregon!

Yes! You've arrived in Oregon!

You have survived the Oregon trail! You've made wise and well calculated decisions that have ensured your safe arrival in Willamette Valley, Oregon. You most likely chose to start off as a farmer or carpenter on a bare bones ration at a grueling or strenuous pace. You were wise enough to to leave early enough in the year to avoid the winter and you knew exactly what to buy before setting off. You may have had some obstacles on the way, but you've arrived safely, in one piece. How many points do you think you've racked up? Tell us in the comments!

Oh no!

Oh no!

You haven't survived! Unfortunately, based on your choices setting out and along the way you haven't made it to Oregon. You chose a difficult profession, squandered your money, set out too late or didn't rely on a guide for help when you needed it most. You fell ill with dysentery and didn't have enough food or energy to continue. Try again and see if you can survive next time!

Your chances are slim!

Your chances are slim!

Your chances are slim but there's still hope! You made both good and bad decisions in setting out and along the way. You may have chosen a good profession or the right ration but ended up not relying on an Indian guide or buy enough bullets to hunt with. You've definitely got what it takes to survive. Play again and you'll make it!