Example: An Interactive 'Work From Home' Handbook

A leading, global technology company used the EX.CO Platform to create a work from home handbook for their employees.

Sal Sayles
Created by Sal Sayles
On Mar 20, 2020
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With this global technology company's entire workforce now working remotely, this team wanted to ensure they could communicate their new policies to employees clearly and in an engaging manner

The interactive handbook has helped their team monitor click-throughs, dwell time and completion rates

See the handbook below for your own internal comms inspiration! 

WFH: The Basics

WFH: The Facts

It's work, with a twist...

WFH: Your Workspace

To ensure productivity, please make sure:

WFH: Communication Tools

Participant say
Participant say

Personal & Group Chats

Participant say

Status Updates

(Update Status Throughout the Day ↓↓↓)

Participant say

Zoom/Google Hangouts

Zoom/Google Hangouts say

Zoom/Google Hangouts

Zoom/Google Hangouts say

Video Meetings

Zoom/Google Hangouts

Zoom/Google Hangouts say

Group Discussions / 1-1

Participant say

Please ensure all communication is via desktop, not mobile!

WFH: Daily Routines

Business as usual...

WFH: General

In conclusion:

WFH: Poll

What do you enjoy most about working from home?

More Control Over Your Schedule

No More Commuting

Dress Casually

Calculating results