Sactown Quiz Crown #2

The Vivek Era

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On Aug 4, 2017
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On what date was Vlade Divac named GM and VP of Basketball Operations?

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What player was Isaiah Thomas given away for?

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How many games did Sim Bhullar play for the Kings?

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Which of the following players was NOT involved in the Rudy Gay trade?

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Who was Vlade Divac's first free agent signing?

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How many head coaches have been employed in the Vivek era?

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Who has coached the most games in the Vivek era?

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Which one of these celebrities has NOT attended a Kings game with Vivek Ranadive?

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How many players have started at least one game for SAC that were out of the NBA within two years, not due to retirement?

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Which player had the highest 3P% in his time with the Kings?

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How many players have averaged 15+ PPG in a season for the Kings in the Vivek era?

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What was Carl Landry's nickname?

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What is the Kings W/L record in the Vivek era?

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Which Kings coach has had the highest winning percentage while under Vivek?

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How many coaches did the Kings employ during the 2014-2015 season?

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