What Is Your Preferred Learning Style?

People learn in different ways. Some people learn best by watching or reading. Others receive information best through listening, while some folks are best off trying things out on their own. Take this quiz to find out how you learn new ideas and skills best!

Ryan LearningHUB
Created by Ryan LearningHUB
On Mar 25, 2015

I can't remember when people tell me to do things; it's better if it is written down.

I do not like to read instructions. I would rather have someone explain what to do.

People say I "talk with my hands".

When spelling a word, I try to "see" the word in my head.

Noises distract me when I'm trying to think about something.

I like role-playing, acting and showing people how to do things.

I learn something new better if I can watch someone do it.

I learn best when I am physically active, when something is hands-on.

When I'm trying to think, I get distracted by people moving around.

I like to whisper or read out loud when I read.

I remember someone's name before I remember his or her face.

Pictures help me understand what I am reading.

When learning something new, I'd rather hear about it than read about it.

When giving someone directions, I can explain things better if I draw a map.

To remember someone's name, I think about when we met.

I use my fingers to count.

I repeat things out loud to help me remember.

Before I spell a word, I write it out to see if it looks right.

I am good at remembering faces.

I don't like to read instructions; I like to figure it out as I go along.

Before spelling a word, I sound it out.



VISUAL (Seeing) - You learn best through seeing - by watching someone else, by looking at pictures or by reading to yourself.

Learning Tips for You:

- Pick a seat where you can see the blackboard and the teacher.
- Keep your eyes on the teacher's face and lips.
- Copy down everything that is on the blackboard just as it is.
- Ask for written instructions when the teacher assigns work.
- Look at the pictures and illustrations when you read.
- Picture things in your mind as you learn about them.
- Draw pictures to help you remember information.
- Use stars, underlining or highlighting to mark important things.



AUDITORY (Listening) - You learn best from listening - having someone tell you what to do or explain things to you.

Learning Tips for You:

- Pick a seat where you can hear the teacher well.
- Do not sit beside people who chat a lot.
- As you read, whisper the words quietly to yourself.
- Say the teacher's instructions over again in your mind to help you remember.
- When trying to memorize things, say them to yourself out loud.
- Sound out the hard words when you are reading or writing.
- Listen for the sounds when you are learning new words.



KINESTHETIC (Doing) - You learn best when you can move around; you like trying things out for yourself or working in a hands-on approach.

Learning Tips for You:

- Do things! Try things out on your own.
- Participate in the class. Put your hand up.
- Write; make pictures and illustrations; use art, drama or role playing when sharing information.
- Make notes as you learn.
- Watch people to copy what they are doing right.
- Take short breaks to stretch, stand up, or walk around while you are working.
- Make lists.