Will You End Up In Heaven Or Hell?

Will anyone be greeting you at the Pearly Gates?

Roxane Woolf
Created By Roxane Woolf
On Feb 21, 2015

Do you believe in a higher power?

Would you help this little kid cross the street?

Are you a good person?

Have you ever stolen something?

Have you ever hurt somebody without feeling any remorse?

Are you a judgmental person?

Have you ever sacrificed something for the greater good?

Do you fight for your beliefs, even if they are unpopular?

Pick a vacation destination.



Straight to HEAVEN with you! Well, after you die that is. It's clear that you are an exceptionally good person, who has always been generous and loving. Your belief in a higher power has guided you well in life and you will be rewarded for it!



After you die, you're going straight to HELL! You may think you've led your life right, but we know the truth. You've been partying it up in life, and you're going to be partying it up in the afterlife too. If you think hell isn't for you, move over and make some room for those of us who want to have fun!