Which Arctic Monkeys Song Describes Your Love Life?

Ever felt like an Arctic Monkeys song was wrote about your life? now it's time to check :)

Created By lesmiserables
On Mar 29, 2017

What is your current relationship?

What type of party person are you?

Pick a color that describe your feeling right now

How do you feel right now?

How would you describe your love life?

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No busess

No busess

"They always offer when there’s loads of love around
But when you’re short of some,
it’s nowhere to be found"

Significant others are just like public buses, you see slot of them when you don’t need one. But as soon as you need one, they all just seem to disappear

right now you are in a turmoi, You like someone who has feelings for someone else.
This person probably had feelings for you before, but you was in a relationship or had feelings for someone else so you haven't seen it or didn't want to see it.
I can only wish you goodluck and you better forget about this person because it's only make you feel bad...

"An ache in your soul is everybody's goal
To get what they can't have
That's why you're after her
And that's why she's after him
But sayin' it won't change a thing
And they'll realise that it won't change a thing
Realise that it won't change a thing"

Do I wanna know?

Do I wanna know?

altho this song is very known it actually have amazing lyrics (compared to other known songs that have no meaning at all).
This song is about obsessive lover that is paranoid about the state of his relationship.
You're probably in a relationship or have an affire with someone that you are not sure what he feels about you.
You wonder if you even wants to know the answer, which you're not very optimistic about.
You can't let go from your love, can't even think about being with another person.

"Crawlin' back to you
Ever thought of calling when you've had a few?
Cause I always do
Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I've thought it through
Crawling back to you"

Dancing shoes

Dancing shoes

You're single and you like it!
This song is about going out on the town, seeing a someone you like the look of, and then bottling out of making the move on this person.
You love the freedom of being single, you like parties and one night stands.
Maybe there's someone you have feeling for but it feels too unnatural for you soo you stay back.
"Don't act like it's not happening
As if it’s impolite
To go and mention your name
Instead you'll just do the same
As they all do, and hope for the best"



"Running off over the next door's garden
Before the hour is done
It's more a question of feeling
Than it is a question of fun"
This song is about two people who have an affair that is only physical, with no feelings.
When one of them start having feelings for the other he is hiding them behind his balaclava (sock hat) because he dosen't want this realtionship to be emotional.

You're having feelings to someone you don't want to have feelings too.
You think it's wrong to have this feelings to them so you hide them and denies them.
You should grow a pair and tell them how you feel!
don't hide them forever because the other side may have feelings to you too, as happened in the song.

"She pleaded with you to take it off
But you resisted and fought
Sorry sweetheart, I'd much rather
Keep on the balaclava"