Board Games Deals You Need On Your Wish-list Right Now

The holidays are around the corner and what a better way to spend it with your loved ones than playing a wonderful board game together? So here are the best deals you can find only today on Amazon!

Roi Berger
Created by Roi Berger
On Dec 2, 2019
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56% Off One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A cool Wink Murder type game, which comes with a free app to enhance the experience!


51% Off D&D Core Rule Book Gift Set

OK, technically it's not a board game, but just look at this discount! With More than 80$ off, it would be a crime not to include this gift set here, for the advanced or beginner player.


24$ Off Gloomhaven

If you haven't heard about Gloomhaven, it might be a good time to catch up on one of the most popular board games. This game is big both in size and in game play, so make sure you make some time for this unique board gaming experience.


58% Off Yahtzee

Just because a game is simple, doesn't mean it's no good! Get this classic dice game for the price of a little bit more than a Big Mac, and enjoy it way more.


21% Off Cosmic Encounter

Can you believe this game has been around since 1977? If you don't know it already it's time to begin your universal conquest with one of 50 different alien races!


50% Off Frozen II Monopoly

The classic Monopoly turns colder with this adaptation to the recent Disney hit! Bring Elsa and Anna to your living room and get your kids hooked on the classic game.


53% Off Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Another Monopoly based on a fantasy franchise, this is aimed for the more mature audience. Gain control over Westeros with a rendition of the classic game including a card holder which plays the GOT theme song!


21% Off King Of Tokyo

The perfect combination of board game and a video game, King Of Tokyo lets you try to take over Tokyo in a 30 minutes game, which is fit for 2 - 6 players.


22% Off Mysterium

Another short game, Mysterium is a mystery cooperative game for 2-7 players, which lets you solve a mystery together. The game is known for its great story line, so if you're into ,mysteries, do try this game.


25% Off Horrified

Horrified allows you to try your luck at monster slaying! Defend your town against classic Universal monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, The Mommy and more in a farily easy to learn game that both 10 year old kids and adults will enjoy!