5 Famous Fathers & Children Duos

Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. We bet you didn't know these talented people were related.

Roi Berger
Created by Roi Berger
On Aug 1, 2019
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While it's a not a rare thing to find parents and children who are in the same business, when it comes to being in the spotlight, it's a bit trickier. Maybe it's the effort, the talent or just pure rebellion against the elders. Children of famous people don't tend to get the same jobs as their folks. Out of the few who actually do, here are 5 perfect examples of how a talent can run in the family.


Tom & Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the most famous Hollywood actors of the past few decades and is known for his choice of important roles, his 2 academy awards (and several others) and his work as a producer, philanthropist and even author.
His elder son, Colin (whose mom is actress Rita Wilson), appeared in TV shows such as Fargo, Dexter and A Band Of Brothers (Which Tom was also in), and films such as King Kong, the remade Jumanji series and The Great Buck Howard (in which Tom played his father).
Like his father he's doing other roles behind the camera like producing feature films and directing documentaries.


Ethan & Maya Hawk

He's one the most acclaimed indie & commercial actors ever, who takes his hand at directing, producing and singing.
She's his daughter (and Uma Thurman's) and the star of the 3rd season of Stranger Things. Many people didn't realize Maya is Ethan and Uma's daughter until he praised her on social media and the world fell in love not only with Robin, her character on Stranger Things, but with Maya the actress as well. We would love to see her on screen together with Ethan, Uma, or even better - both.


Steven & Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler was discovered in Aerosmith's music video for the song Amazing. Can you imagine the surprise when people realized she was the lead singer's daughter? Since that Amazing video (pun intended) Liv became one of the most acclaimed actresses both in indie and in commercial films as well as television, and even starred in Armageddon, which featured a few songs by Aerosmith including the No. 1 single, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Will, Trey, Jaden & Willow Smith

OK, this one is a bit complicated. Will Smith has two children from Jada Pinkett-Smith: Jaden & Willow. Both of them act in films and TV shows, both are showing highly formed business skills, just like their parents, and both were in films with Will (Jaden in After Earth and Willow in I Am Legend). But before Will married Jada, he had another son, Trey, who you might remember from the music video for the song Just The Two Of Us. Trey is a DJ, but does not acts or sings. Recently Smith came out on Twitter and confessed he wasn't in touch with Trey as much as he wanted, but considers him not only his son, but his best friend. Looking for your handkerchief too?

Stephen King, Owen King & Joe Hill

Why is it that the scariest artists are also the sweetest in real life? Meet the King family - Father Stephen is one of the most famous authors alive, known for creating the works behind movies such as It, The Shashank Redemption, The Green Mile, Stand By Me, Pet Semetery and many more. Both his sons Owen and Joe became published authors on their own (Joe even changed his last name to Hill), and both wrote stories and books with Stephen. We're still waiting for a book from all three of them together.

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