Are You A Pokémon Master?

Some questions are easy, some are near impossible! Only a true Pokémon Master can answer them all.

Created By riocin765
On Feb 20, 2018
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Which Pokémon has no weakness?

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What Pokémon was the first Fighting-Grass type?

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Which Pokémon type does not already have a gym? (Trials don't count!)

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It's about to get really tricky! What's this guy's hidden ability?

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"It uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy's actions." Who's Pokédex entry is this? (Hint: It isn't Pikachu!)

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Okay, I admit that one was a bit difficult. Let's do an easier question: How many haircuts can Furfrou have, excluding its main form?

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Who was originally going to be the mascot of Pokémon instead of Pikachu?

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Last Question: What was the name of the 20th Pokémon movie (the most recent one?)

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