Who Said This?- Boy Meets World Edition

Calling all Boy Meets World fans, do you really know who said these quotes from the beloved show? Test your knowledge of the show here.

Rhiannon Fiust
On Aug 16, 2016
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Who said "I'm a damsel, but not the distressed kind. One who is very together and in complete control of her own destiny."?

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Who said "Admit it, you love the Feeny call."?

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"Hey, when I got friends I can get through anything."

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"I think your first responsibility is to stay 11 years old for as long as you can."

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Who said "Money doesn't make you rich. Life makes you rich."?

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"I love you so much. I just don't want to hurt you anymore."

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Who said "It is such a pleasure to finally meet Eric's grandpa."?

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Who said "We fell completely in love because we knew we had mad a life for ourselves."?

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"Cory and Topanga sitting in a tree. A-B-C-D-E-F-G."

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Who said "Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good."?

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