What's Your Social Style?

Urban Adventures
On Jun 19, 2017
Which of the following activities would you cram into a Saturday - Brunch with pals; A quiet bike ride; An afternoon wine-tasting tour; A craft brewery crawl.As many as you can - You've been eager to discover some new craft beers!Definitely the brunch. The wine tasting sounds interestingOh, the bike ride sounds niceAll of them. This is a regular Saturday for youYour Spirit Animal is...A Butterfly – You’re colourful, you’re bright. You flutter throughout the day and well into night!A Kitten – You’re sassy, street smart and ready to make an impressionA Chinchilla – You’re shy but quite curious. And oh-so-cute!A Panda - Munching leaves, watching the river flow and getting cosy with natureYour Spirit Drink is...Chai - It’s comforting yet interestingTea. A relaxing cup of tea is the answer to everythingEspresso Martini – You’re busy! This way you are cleverly killing two birds with one stoneHot chocolate with a chilli infusion - You love trying new things!Staying home alone on a Saturday night is...Pure blissYour version of tortureFine if there’s nothing going on – you like to be picky with your timeOkay, because you’re exhausted from Friday nightYou organize all your plans for the week by...You must have, at all times, your phone, your blackberry, a set of business cards and 3 different alarm settingsYou’ve got a few to-dos written down somewhereYou can’t live without your phone/day plannerYou don’t, why would you need to?The best party you’ve ever been to was...Your best friend’s bash a few years agoThe one at a friend of a friend’s place a few weeks ago (you never did find out who the host was)Does my niece’s birthday party count?The one you threw last nightYour dream job is...Book reviewer - You can work in peace and quiet at your own paceTour Guide - You can still be social even when workingGhostwriter - You're talented but happy to remain anonymousPart-time Creative Freelancer - How else would you find the time for your social life?Your friends would describe you as...FUN!SpiritedReflective Laid-back The song that sums you up the most is...Prince - Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like it’s 1999The Cure - Friday I'm In Love Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way David Bowie - Life on Mars? You would most liked to have had diner with...Ghandi - He was so calming Princess Diana - what an interesting creature Crocodile Dundee - Now that would be fun!Marilyn Monroe - Dinner and drinks followed by a soirée at the Kennedy's!