8 Travel Tips To Pack With You In 2019

Tips and tricks for all of your 2019 adventures!


Travel Off Season

If it's possible, travel during less popular times in the place you're thinking of jet setting to! You'll save a ton of money and you'll have much less tourists to compete with.


Pack Only The Essentials

Although everyone wants to look amazing for the photos they take abroad on travels, be sure to only pack the things you know you'll actually wear! You'll be thankful not to have to carry around that huge bag!


Compare Hotels and Airbnbs for the Best Deal

Depending on the time of year and place you're traveling to, you may find that Airbnb may be the more affordable way to go, especially if you're traveling in a group!


Eat the local food

When traveling to a new location, go outside your comfort zone and be sure to try the dishes that the area is most well known for!


Venture Beyond The Main Cities

When traveling to a new location, be sure to venture beyond just the main city of the country! Sometimes, smaller cities and towns can show much more of the culture of the region.


Learn About the Culture

Before traveling to a new land, be sure to do some ready on the culture and customs! When you arrive, you'll then have a better understanding of the people and place.


Pack a Portable Battery for Your Phone

You never want to be traveling in a new place with a dead phone! A portable battery gives you extra security in the event that your phone does die while trying to navigate


Don't Get Hung Up On Changes in the Plan

Although somewhat of a plan is always good to have when traveling, don't get upset if everything does not go to plan! A delayed plane or other unforeseen change should not hinder on your trip of a lifetime!