Are You A Head Or A Heart Person?

Are you more logical or emotional?

Rebecca Campbell
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On Jul 26, 2015

How do you determine if it's appropriate to loan a friend a large sum of money?

How do you decide whether or not to stay in with a book or go out with your friends?

How do you decide to go to college or pursue a personal passion full time?

Which do you use in order to decide whether or not you should break up with a partner?

Is quitting your job on the spot a decision for your heart or your head?

How do you decide if it's a good idea to get a tattoo?

Finally, which do you use when it's time to consider marriage and a family?

You Are A Head Person!

You Are A Head Person!

You are a Head Person! You may possess a high level of general knowledge and value a more rational approach to decision making, but you're so much more than that. Your personal sense of self can be found in the brain, as you remain a true independent in both thought process and when walking through life. You find mental stimulation to be the key to happiness and continue to develop yourself on a daily basis in more ways than one!

You Are A Heart Person!

You Are A Heart Person!

You are most certainly a heart person! Your emotional instincts surpass logical reasoning, and you consider the feelings of others and enjoy protecting the small and meek. Your sense of self is soft core that opens up doors of pleasant opportunities for yourself and your loved ones, and the impulsive side of you never fails to bring about a new adventure that perpetuates your thirst for excitement!

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