Can You Be A Real CIA Agent?

Do you have a future in the espionage world?

Raymond Winston
Created by Raymond Winston
On Mar 12, 2015

Do you wear eyeglasses?

When was this picture taken?

When was the last time you left the country?

Can you keep a secret?

This kids are playing at:

Has one of your family members ever been arrested?

How many languages do you speak?

This photo was taken:

Do you know how to "Shmooze" people?

Will you be open to relocating?



You have successfully passed most of our questions, but we still need to process your request.
You have natural skills, you are smart, intuitive and resourceful, just what we look for in an agent.
However, you are still young, and you need to wait a while before you are emotionally and intellectually ready for a life in the espionage business.

We NEED you!

We NEED you!

We NEED people like you in the agency!
You are one of the sharpest people we have seen in a long time! You are calculated, patient, at the peak of your physical shape, and you have great deduction skills that will give the director a run for his money!
We are definitely interested in you!

You are perfect material for the FBI!

You are perfect material for the FBI!

Your test results show that you are a very clever, assertive and passionate person. You know your way around people, and you can spot a liar from miles away.
Although we would love to have you in the CIA, we think that your skills will truly shine if you join the FBI.
So, what do you say?