How Well Do You Remember Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?

Remember that show we all watched as kids? Let's see how much you know and remember about him and the show.

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On Mar 29, 2017
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What was Mr. Rogers' first name?

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What year did the show debut?

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How many seasons were there?

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What other role did he do on the show besides be the main character?

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What occupation did Mr. Rogers have before being a TV star?

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Why did Mr. Rogers wear sneakers on the show?

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Mr. Rogers was color-blind. What color couldn't he see?

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Where did he get all his sweaters from?

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What was the source of the number 143 meaning I love you?

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What is the name of the mailman?

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What neighborhood does the trolley take viewers to in every episode?

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What was the picture screen called?

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Finish the opening line of the opening song: "It's a beautiful day..."

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What is the number in King Friday's name? (Ex. Queen Elizabeth II)

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