Celebrity Tattoos

Match the ink to its famous owner

Rachael Kelly
Created By Rachael Kelly
On Mar 29, 2017
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This actress's horseshoe is one of several tattoos. Does it belong to...

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Another tattoo fan, this actress is...

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This actress had to get her many tattoos covered for a recent period piece

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This rock star added to love, pain and the whole crazy thing with a phoenix tattoo on his left arm. Who is he?

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You might be surprised by the wild-child owner of this demure little star tattoo.

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Which American Beauty owns this profound piece of body art?

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Which actress inked a permanent reminder to stay in the moment onto her ribs?

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Which rock legend used his illusion to create this distinctive tattoo?

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Which actress owns this celestial tattoo?

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Which silver screen icon wears another silver screen icon on her arm?

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