Which Movie is This Parent Warning You About??

On each movie's IMDB page, you can find the "Parents Guide" that's meant to warn you about content that isn't fit for kids. They do that by describing different scenes that might be too disturbing. Let's see if you can identify which film these crazy scene descriptons are referring to!

Rachel Addine
Created By Rachel Addine
On Nov 10, 2019
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"A man eats another man's live goldfish and fires him"

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"Elsewhere, an unfortunate humans' head and shoulders end up in a banshee's mouth"

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"Christians and other religious people may be offended"

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"A female character lies to a male character saying that she is pregnant with his baby and that he was drunk at the time. The male character dismisses her claim by saying that he has never been 'that drunk'"

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"A man kidnaps three girls and, as the girls are crying, tells another man that he will never get the children back"

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"A man uses a device on another man and his left side of his face starts to turn red"

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"A ghost with cleavage kisses a human man"

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"1 scatological term, 2 anatomical terms, 1 sexual reference, 10 mild obscenities, 6 religious profanities, 7 religious exclamations"

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"The film's opening sequence, of course, features a number of lithe, stylized women writhing in time to the theme song"

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"A princess is shown a sauna in the distance, and through its window we see a whole family. It is hard to see that they are wearing towels"

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"A woman eats a piece of cake which causes her to experience an orgasm"

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"A man drinks from a glass of what looks like champagne and the liquid turns red (it's not clear if his mouth is bleeding?)"

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"The main character briefly walks out of his apartment naked"

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